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Profile pic 7bb7a155c028d2bf9988e13aa2577d103c213aae340213a6fb2ca4e391e81c9a Two pioneering women founded Adcom Designs back in 1980. Natasha Terk
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Natasha is the managing director of Adcom Designs. She improves communication skills and team dynamics through a relentless focus on each client’s business, brand, and competition. She manages the development of new systems, processes, and guidelines for things we don’t always quantify. Three recent years of consulting work in Asia inform the rigorous evaluation and metrics she offers our clients around the world.

Over the past 14 years, Natasha has developed and delivered 972 workshops and 324 webinars, written seven books in the Write It Well Series on Business Communication, and engaged in strategic communication consulting assignments with 212 clients including Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Nestlé Health Science, Haas Business School, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Booz Allen, the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, Shakti Foundation, Climateworks Foundation, McDonald's, Mondelēz, the Packard Foundation, California Public Utilities Commission, the Federal Reserve Bank, the City of Palo Alto, and Visa.

AdCom Designs

We research, analyze, assess, and evaluate communication patterns and behavior; engage stakeholders; and implement interventions. We partner with our clients and maintain a laser focus on their business outcomes, brand, and culture.

We develop communication plans, strategic plans, videos, infographics, procedure manuals and policy recommendations, style guides, white papers, and much more — all to improve clients’ efficiency and effectiveness.

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Write it Well

Write It Well is our training business. We lead workshops, webinars, coaching engagements, train-the-trainer, and blended programs. They all build or deepen measurable, job-relevant communication skills.

We also publish The Write It Well Series on Business Communication, a series of eight books available on Amazon that showcase our time-tested, proprietary methodologies.

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Case Studies We deliver a return on our clients' investment​​
PayPal Marketing and Social Media Writing

Customers across Asia were confused by PayPal employees’ inconsistent writing. The company hired Write It Well to build and deliver a customised, on-site training to help content writers and managers from Australia, China, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia.

Participants learned to go beyond features to present the benefits of PayPal services, and they learned to write social media posts that get attention and present a reliable image.

Hitachi Data Systems Technical Writing

Highly technical people often struggle to communicate complex ideas and basic business needs. Hitachi leaders realised that better written communication would improve product development cycles and promote collaboration. So Write It Well opened new lines of communication between IT employees through a customised, engaging training.

We honored these highly specialised experts’ know-how, freed up time and energy to focus on new product development, and improved business efficiency and effectiveness.

Granite Construction Trainings and E-learning on Business Writing

Granite Construction managers know that unclear writing undermines teamwork and eats away at budgets. From Alaska to Texas, we’ve helped hundreds of Granite employees communicate clearly and avoid costly delays. After five years, HR manager Catherine Hambley told us, ‘I like your programmes, but now we need to move learning to the Web’.

The newly founded Granite University hired us to build customised, job-relevant Web courses. Employees now improve their business writing skills through a modular, asynchronous,co-branded e-learning program. The easy-to-grasp multimedia presentations include video and quizzes to engage participants, who get to see how professional-calibre writing improves their daily construction work.

VerticalResponse Email for Customer Service

Employees from four VerticalResponse departments were struggling to write clear, concise, reader-focused customer support messages. Write It Well analysed both every-day communication samples and company templates. We used a case study approach to improve standard templates and design an on-site training.

Participants learned to increase customer satisfaction and retention through a variety of email strategies.

UC Berkeley, Haas School of Business Effective Cover Letters

Written job applications are our students’ key marketing tools’, says Debra Underwood, Director of Full-time MBA Careers. However, even advanced students’ writing can feature problematic language. Since 2010, Haas has hired Write It Well to provide feedback on hundreds of students’ cover letters for high-stakes job applications.

‘These ferociously intelligent MBA students are tomorrow’s business leaders’, says Natasha Terk. ‘Our learning comments help them make the quality of their cover letters match the quality of their experiences and education. We give these students individual feedback for more strategic writing in both their job applications and their future careers.

Visa, Risk Management and Compliance General Business Writing

Some seasoned employees in this Visa department were struggling to organise each document, state the main point concisely, convey technical information clearly and use correct English.

Write It Well used a case study approach to develop a customised, on-site training to help the participants write more effectively. Native and non-native English speakers learned to project a more professional image through their business writing.

Bank of America Merrill Lynch Effective Email

In the Asia Pacific region, Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BofAML) employees send thousands of emails per day. BofAML brought in Write It Well to help improve the quality of internal and external email.

We custom-tailored an Effective Email programme for 350 targeted back-office employees and delivered it in our WebEx virtual training room. Kelly Moore, BofAML Vice President, Learning Manager, credits the unusually high approval ratings to ‘Write It Well’s great job working with our learning department’.

BofAML stakeholders were ‘very pleased that teams could fit learning into their daily routines and take the training from every location’. Participants have shortened email response times and improved BofAML’s working relations with clients.

Nestlé University Presentation Skills

Nestlé University was frustrated with a nationally known vendor/partner’s stale, generic training programmes. Impressed by Write It Well’s training programmes for the Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream subsidiary, the university cancelled its contract and hired Write It Well to build and deliver customised Presentation Skills trainings.

These job-relevant, engaging courses are popular with employees at all levels. They run at capacity in Nestlé University’s public calendar, and business units have added custom on-site courses from coast to coast. Participants report improved buy-in, speech organisation, eye contact, and confidence for their presentation development and delivery skills.

Hewlett-Packard Sales and Strategic Business Communication

HP Presales managers and directors were writing confusing email and PowerPoint presentations with vague language and too much jargon – diminishing organisational effectiveness.

Decision makers believed that improving these managers’ and directors’ written communication skills would improve the department’s funding and image. We delivered individual coaching and virtual training for advanced business writers in the U.S. and Canada. ‘The Write It Well course made us more effective business leaders’, said Kevin Marshal of the Worldwide Services Presales Program.

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Happy Clients The comments below are just a sample of our clients worldwide
who transformed their business with AdCom.
Testimonial 1

Natasha and her team at Write It Well have provided valuable training to our General Construction Company. We have used a variety of their services: one on one coaching to improve writing and communication skills; presentations skill training to improve the confidence of our Superintendents and presentation team; training on how to write and manage Email in the work place; writing and editing of our company newsletter.

I would highly recomment Write It Well as a business resource, their knowledge and experience in working with construction companies and other technical people made them a great fit for our team. We look forward to working with Natasha and Write It Well into the future.

Maggie Blanc-White Director Human Resources & Training at Overaa Construction
Testimonial 2

Natasha and her team created and delivered a well-received business writing course to our team of 20 IT and management consultants.

The course was customized to a group with varied areas of focus and years of experience. Hope, the instructor, was prepared and energetic, and delivered content that was highly relevant to the group. Our team thought the Write it Well course was the best they had attended in years.

Testimonial 3

We recently hired Write It Well to deliver email training to targeted back office employees across our Asia Pacific offices. Natasha and team did a great job working with our learning department to ensure the content was crafted appropriately for our different groups.

In addition we were very pleased with the modular, virtual delivery of the courses allowing our teams to take training from every location -and make it easy for them to fit learning into their daily routine. The training was well received by all participants. We look forward to working with Natasha in the future.

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