The people I work with know how to grab my attention. They get to the point right away and present information in a way that makes sense to me. This book explains how to craft clear, well-organized email that gets results. It sets the standard for how to communicate clearly and efficiently in a busy global workplace.

Buck McGugan

Vice President, Corporate Sales, FedEx Corporate Services

We live in an era where hundreds of millions of professionals have put down the pen and now rely on email as a primary form of communication. This book should be required reading for new entrants to the workplace — or for anyone who’s making the transition from texting and email between friends to more formal electronic communications.

David Krane

Director of Corporate Communications, Google, Inc.

Most of our employees – engineers, developers, product managers, marketing staff – were never taught how to write professionally; they were just thrown into it.

Jocelyn King

Director, Worldwide Marketing Operations, National Semiconductor Corporation

It’s very important to write clearly, concisely, and professionally if you want to be competitive in today’s business environment.

Amanda Noguera

Regional Sales Director, AVOKE Caller Experience Analytics, BBN Technologies

Companies are finally putting their finger on the money, and improving productivity and efficiency by giving people the tools they need to communicate more effectively.

Jim Knutsen

Cast Consulting

Before Write It Well training and coaching, people here were too casual and sent out documents with errors. As an organization, our professional image was impacted by writing limitations. They sent out confusing e-mails, buried the main point at the bottom of long memos, and didn't take the time to proofread documents well. Now they pay attention.

Ryan Chao

Executive Director, Satellite Housing

E-mail has exposed our deficiencies, and now writing skills are my top training priority. We can improve efficiency, productivity, and our professional image by improving the writing skills of our employees. It’s a big win.

Bill Nichols

Director, Sales & Marketing Services for Covidien Imaging Solutions & Pharmaceutical Products

I've reviewed other training courses on writing skills, and as a trainer, I highly recommend Write It Well’s materials. I like knowing that the content is fresh. The workbooks are very easy to follow and feature lots of helpful tips.

Patricia Bauer

Instructor, North Carolina Office of State Human Resources

I'm trained as an attorney and have worked in public administration. I wish that every manager and supervisor would read this book. The review process could be so much better if people knew what a well-written objective looked like, what an effective review should be, the guidelines for what is acceptable and what is not, etc. Performance reviews are mandatory in most places and need to be done correctly to protect everyone. But the review process should be more than just a required box to check each year. It offers a valuable opportunity for employee development. This book covers the "right" way to do them and the "best" way to do them to improve performance.

Joanne Karchmer

A supervisor confronts no more difficult a task than evaluating subordinates. As a lawyer, I know that a badly done performance review is a path to court or to arbitration. "Writing Performance Reviews" leads supervisors around the potholes and bear traps. It shows how to evaluate performance by laying out the facts in a manner that leads the reader to his or her own conclusions about the employee's performance, without making unsupported conclusory statements that can be destroyed in an arbitration. The material is concise and includes invaluable examples. It is presented logically and clearly and will enable supervisors to prepare reviews efficiently and effectively.

David Madway

I was struck by how practical this book is. As an internal communications manager, a lot of my job entails writing and editing and I found this book a really helpful refresher on some key skills like writing more clearly and using punctuation correctly. The "Practice" sections are something any business professional - new entrants to the workforce as well as seasoned professionals - can benefit from.

Katie Winter

What I most like about Professional Writing Skills is its emphasis on simple, straightforward writing. Natasha Terk delivers lessons that are practical and easy to master. Anyone wishing to improve their written communication will benefit immensely from reading this book.

Elizabeth Rynecki

We recently hired Write It Well to deliver email training to targeted employees across our Asia Pacific offices. Natasha and her team did a great job working with our learning department to craft the content appropriately for our different groups. We were very pleased with the modular, virtual course delivery. Our teams participated in the training from every location, and it was easy for them to fit the learning into their daily routines.

Kelly Moore

Learning Manager, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

The Write It Well team created and delivered a well-received course to our team of 20 IT and management consultants. The course was customized to a group with varied areas of focus and years of experience. Our team thought the Write it Well course was the best they had attended in years.

Libby Sagara

Health IT Consulting, Booz Allen Hamilton

Natasha and her team at Write It Well have provided valuable training to our General Construction Company. We have used a variety of their services: one on one coaching to improve writing and communication skills; presentations skill training to improve the confidence of our Superintendents and presentation team; training on how to write and manage Email in the work place; writing and editing of our company newsletter. I would highly recommend Write It Well as a business resource, their knowledge and experience in working with construction companies and other technical people made them a great fit for our team.

Maggie White

Manager/Human Resources & Training at Overaa Construction

The two writing sessions far exceeded my expectations. Participation by everyone was excellent, and there was even enthusiasm, which I’d never hoped for. The presenter was one of the best I’ve seen. It was absolutely worth the money. Almost all the weaknesses in our general email practices were addressed — wordiness, poor organization, lack of clarity, weak subject lines, and hidden main messages.

The written materials were very good and customization made them far more effective than general materials would have been. They’ll be an excellent source to refer to, as we continue to monitor our emails. Thanks to the training, we all have a common way to talk about email problems as well as a common agreement about their importance.

Nick Niemeyer

Sales Operations Director, Annual Reviews

As a trainer, who develops curriculum, I loved the Write It Well Program. The materials were very well organized and the trainers guide was fool proof! It was very easy to teach. Buying this program saved us weeks of development and there was no tweaking necessary. I would recommend the program to any company that wants to improve the writing skills of their people.

Alison Bowersock

Write It Well’s expertise in business communication was evident in the classroom during the day of instruction and then again months later as students continued applying their knowledge. The benefit from our investment in Write it Well’s training – more engaging content and fewer revisions – freed up senior leaders‘ time to focus on strategic business topics.

Mark Lorenz

HR Director, Republic Services

Write It Well took great care to ensure that they undertsood our environment, culture and needs and tailored the content to meet them. The feedback from the participants was that it was not only highly informative, but also fun to do. We can see the results in better communication.

Jennifer Dignam

Tanker Pacific

For the past 15 years, we have counted on Write It Well's training programs to improve the writing skills of our employees. Good business writing skills are critical for effective communications, as well as for career enhancement.

Aileen Evans

Port of Oakland

Our firm engaged Write It Well to assist in the development of our professionals’ writing skills. I was impressed by their ability to quickly understand our business and suggest edits that were in the the context of our industry.

Gabe Levitt

Equity Risk Partners

We're a multinational company and just about everybody in the organization writes; there's always room to improve our image by improving our writing. Write It Well’s training laid a foundation for improved writing across the board. They covered topics like thinking about our audiences, and using lists and text formats to make reading easier. They adapted our own copy to illustrate techniques and keep the training relevant and gave us tools to help all our writers maintain a consistent voice and style. It was a fast-moving and engaging course.

Martin Johnson

Director of Corporate Marketing, Check Point Software Technologies

Write It Well has been an invaluable partner of NUS Business School Career Services for the past two years. Their work with us in the areas of business writing, training, and editing, has been exemplary and has allowed us to professionalize and standardize the support that we provide to NUS MBA students. 

 The team is extremely flexible and responsive to the needs of a particular situation or client. This agility and willingness to adapt to changing requirements is what makes working with with Write It Well exceptional. 

Saima Siddiqui

Deputy Director and Head, Career Services at NUS Business School

We are a funding agency, and our team members have varying levels of communication skills. However, given the nature of our work, it is important that our communication be clear, precise and effective across the board. Write It Well tailored and delivered a course which has made a big difference in our work.

Shahana Chaudhury

Senior Communications Officer at Shakti Foundation

Write It Well’s book should be required reading for both Internet newbies and new entrants to the workplace.

David Krane

Director of Corporate Communications for Google.

I was able to apply 100 percent of what I learned toward improving my communication style and effectiveness. The focused attention was a differentiator for me. It helped me develop a successful business plan and deployment strategy for my program.

Don Taylor

Headquarters Presales, Hewlett Packard Technology Solutions Group

Write it Well took their off-the-shelf course on Writing Performance Reviews and customized it so that each person in our department could immediately see the relevance and value of the training. The facilitator got the group out of their seats to work on team projects and created a safe environment where employees who have been working the same way for decades agreed to make minor changes that will have a big impact.

Lt. April Wagner

Palo Alto Police Department

We’re more effective now because it takes us less time to communicate, and the quality of our presentations is better. More effective communications has made our organization more effective.

Craig Pampeyan

Director of Business Operations, Hewlett-Packard Technology Solutions Group

This book is exactly what every email should be (and so few are): clear, sensible, and to the point. Compare the advice here to the emails you receive daily and you’ll agree that the book is filled with uncommon good sense. You’ll find yourself trying to figure out how to secretly get copies to your colleagues!

Jim Knutsen

President, Boatz Knutsen Communications

Like it or not, we live in a world of electronic communication. E-Mail: A Write It Well Guide is a practical and helpful guide for those who aren't totally familiar or comfortable with the medium as well as for those who use it routinely, but perhaps not always effectively or appropriately. Most importantly, the book urges people to take their e-mail communication as seriously as their other written communication - and tells them how.

A. Stafford

If you're looking for a guide on writing email in a business setting, look no further. This book covers every aspect of writing email and even some tips on how to organize your email as well.

The chapters take you through different topics regarding email, and at the end of each chapter are some activities that you can do to help build your awareness of your email writing skills and how examining the messages you receive from others can help improve your awareness of writing skills.

This book is perfectly designed for training courses, since each chapter could be completed in one training session. I recommend this if you are looking to write email as professionally as you can.

Tad Hooper

It seems as if this should be obvious, but because we spend so much time on email, it does make sense we should spend a few minutes learning about how to write it. This book keeps it simple and brief (like emails themselves!) and it’s easy to find your topic of choice.

Sandra Carson

After you read this book, your business email will be practical, clear, and insightful. The book covers email issues from organization and time management to composition and security — offering useful tips all the way.

Following Write It Well’s advice, I write subject lines that get people to open my email. I check email before lunch, so I plow through my messages with hungry determination.

I know when to save a sensitive draft for later revisions, and I know when to respond immediately. I wholeheartedly recommend this book to people who want to streamline their email and communicate effectively.

Rosanna Nafziger

This book is spot on about what frustrates us with poorly written emails that drain our productivity. It offers an organized approach to convert someone from being a poor emailer to becoming a professional and effective emailer.

John A. Chaya

Email grew up in the lawless frontier of the Internet, without the traditional rules of old-fashioned letter writing. This valuable book provides much-needed guidelines for managing the demands and opportunities email has brought to the workplace.

Deborah Fallows

Author of Dreaming in Chinese

This book sets the standard for how to communicate clearly and efficiently in a busy global workplace.

Buck McGugan

Vice President, Corporate Sales, FedEx Corporate Services

Like it or not, all of us are up to our eyeballs in email everyday. We feel pressed for time, yet we need to write coherent emails that effectively communicate important information.

This guide is an excellent resource on how to write readable emails that come to the point quickly without leaving any of the important stuff out. After going through the material, I recognized a lot of mistakes that our company frequently commits in our frequent volleys of emails with clients.

I wish I’d had this book sooner! Thanks for cutting through the jungle for us, Write It Well!

Mike O'Quin