Marketing and Social Media Writing: Webinar

Business writers create content to describe and promote products and services on an ever-expanding array of platforms. It’s easy for writers to lose sight of their audiences, their readers’ business goals, and their own needs for each business document. This online training shows participants how to track these goals and produce successful marketing copy.

This online training can gather a group of participants online from any locations. We use real-world scenarios and examples to provide your team with immediate, action-focused strategies to develop and improve content for any audience.

Here’s a sample agenda:

  • Clearly defining the audience and the benefits that readers will care about
  • Using user-friendly formats that are easy to skim
  • Using clear and consistent language, tone, and style
  • Using keywords and phrases to enhance search and messaging connections
  • Adopting techniques for reviewing, editing, and adjusting content to retain effectiveness over time


It’s very important to write clearly, concisely, and professionally if you want to be competitive in today’s business environment.

Amanda Noguera

Regional Sales Director, AVOKE Caller Experience Analytics, BBN Technologies