Effective Email

We all need to communicate clearly and save time in today’s fast-paced, competitive business environment. This email writing course offers even seasoned writers techniques and ideas to improve the quality — and reduce the quantity — of job-related email.

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In today’s fast-paced, competitive business environment, we all need to communicate clearly and use our time productively. Even seasoned writers will find tips, tools, and ideas in this book that can improve the quality — and reduce the quantity — of email in the workplace.

How to use this book

How can you improve your business email? Here are seven techniques you’ll learn from the book: 

  • Before you start writing, ask yourself, “What business need will this email accomplish?”
  • When you have the answer, state it clearly and concisely, right at the beginning of your message.
  • Make sure you tell readers what they need to know to make a decision or take action.
  • If you need to include supporting information, use easy-to-scan bullet points or short paragraphs.
  • Craft a subject line that tells the reader exactly what the message is about and allows the reader to file or find the message easily.
  • Check the tone: reread the message to make sure you’re not likely to sound too abrupt.
  • Use active, clear, concise language.


The people I work with know how to grab my attention. They get to the point right away and present information in a way that makes sense to me. This book explains how to craft clear, well-organized email that gets results. It sets the standard for how to communicate clearly and efficiently in a busy global workplace.

Buck McGugan

Vice President, Corporate Sales, FedEx Corporate Services

We live in an era where hundreds of millions of professionals have put down the pen and now rely on email as a primary form of communication. This book should be required reading for new entrants to the workplace — or for anyone who’s making the transition from texting and email between friends to more formal electronic communications.

David Krane

Director of Corporate Communications, Google, Inc.

I've reviewed other training courses on writing skills, and as a trainer, I highly recommend Write It Well’s materials. I like knowing that the content is fresh. The workbooks are very easy to follow and feature lots of helpful tips.

Patricia Bauer

Instructor, North Carolina Office of State Human Resources

I was struck by how practical this book is. As an internal communications manager, a lot of my job entails writing and editing and I found this book a really helpful refresher on some key skills like writing more clearly and using punctuation correctly. The "Practice" sections are something any business professional - new entrants to the workforce as well as seasoned professionals - can benefit from.

Katie Winter

Write It Well’s book should be required reading for both Internet newbies and new entrants to the workplace.

David Krane

Director of Corporate Communications for Google.

This book is exactly what every email should be (and so few are): clear, sensible, and to the point. Compare the advice here to the emails you receive daily and you’ll agree that the book is filled with uncommon good sense. You’ll find yourself trying to figure out how to secretly get copies to your colleagues!

Jim Knutsen

President, Boatz Knutsen Communications

Like it or not, we live in a world of electronic communication. E-Mail: A Write It Well Guide is a practical and helpful guide for those who aren't totally familiar or comfortable with the medium as well as for those who use it routinely, but perhaps not always effectively or appropriately. Most importantly, the book urges people to take their e-mail communication as seriously as their other written communication - and tells them how.

A. Stafford

It seems as if this should be obvious, but because we spend so much time on email, it does make sense we should spend a few minutes learning about how to write it. This book keeps it simple and brief (like emails themselves!) and it’s easy to find your topic of choice.

Sandra Carson

Email grew up in the lawless frontier of the Internet, without the traditional rules of old-fashioned letter writing. This valuable book provides much-needed guidelines for managing the demands and opportunities email has brought to the workplace.

Deborah Fallows

Author of Dreaming in Chinese

Like it or not, all of us are up to our eyeballs in email everyday. We feel pressed for time, yet we need to write coherent emails that effectively communicate important information.

This guide is an excellent resource on how to write readable emails that come to the point quickly without leaving any of the important stuff out. After going through the material, I recognized a lot of mistakes that our company frequently commits in our frequent volleys of emails with clients.

I wish I’d had this book sooner! Thanks for cutting through the jungle for us, Write It Well!

Mike O'Quin