Technical Writing: Individual Coaching

Work one on one with a coach who will show you how to write for readers with varying levels of background knowledge. The coaching program can cover these and other technical and nontechnical documents — whichever kinds you write most frequently: 

  • Specifications
  • Technical manuals
  • Standards
  • Requirements
  • Email messages

You’ll master these and other actions:

  • Assess readers’ needs, levels of technical knowledge, and levels of knowledge about the subject
  • Communicate concepts clearly to both technical and nontechnical readers
  • Develop criteria for deciding what information to put in an appendix or an attachment, rather than in the body of an email or document
  • Develop a report outline
  • Write introductions and executive summaries
  • Use lists, headings, diagrams, graphics, and other visual elements
  • Use concise, active, specific language and plain English to communicate clearly and professionally