Writing Performance Reviews: Train-the-Trainer Kit

This kit gives you everything you need to help a group of managers write performance reviews quickly, clearly describe what employees need to improve, and clearly describe what strengths employees can continue to build on.

price: $465.00


One of the most important jobs managers have is to make sure their employees work effectively and achieve results. Clear, ongoing communication — including written performance documentation — is crucial to that process.

This train-the-trainer kit includes everything you’ll need to show a group of managers how to master those tasks. You'll be ready to lead a training on these and other skills:

  • Writing performance objectives and standards
  • Determining criteria for acceptable performance documentation
  • Using descriptive language
  • Explaining and supporting evaluations and decisions
  • Keeping descriptions specific and complete

Click here for an excerpt from the Train-the-Trainer Guide.


I'm trained as an attorney and have worked in public administration. I wish that every manager and supervisor would read this book. The review process could be so much better if people knew what a well-written objective looked like, what an effective review should be, the guidelines for what is acceptable and what is not, etc. Performance reviews are mandatory in most places and need to be done correctly to protect everyone. But the review process should be more than just a required box to check each year. It offers a valuable opportunity for employee development. This book covers the "right" way to do them and the "best" way to do them to improve performance.

Joanne Karchmer