Technical Writing: An Onsite Training Course

We designed this onsite training for professionals who write for readers with varying levels of background knowledge. The workshop covers these and other technical and nontechnical documents: 

  • Specifications
  • Technical manuals
  • Standards
  • Requirements
  • Email messages

You’ll master these and other actions:                      

  • Assess readers’ needs, levels of technical knowledge, and levels of knowledge about the subject
  • Communicate concepts clearly to both technical and nontechnical readers
  • Develop criteria for deciding what information to put in an appendix or an attachment, rather than in the body of an email or document
  • Develop a report outline
  • Write introductions and executive summaries
  • Use lists, headings, diagrams, graphics, and other visual elements
  • Use concise, active, specific language and plain English to communicate clearly and professionally


Most of our employees – engineers, developers, product managers, marketing staff – were never taught how to write professionally; they were just thrown into it.

Jocelyn King

Director, Worldwide Marketing Operations, National Semiconductor Corporation

Write It Well took great care to ensure that they undertsood our environment, culture and needs and tailored the content to meet them. The feedback from the participants was that it was not only highly informative, but also fun to do. We can see the results in better communication.

Jennifer Dignam

Tanker Pacific