Superintendents’ Workshop

Write It Well designed this course especially for superintendents who write for work. Participants use a Write It Well workbook that we customize to match each client’s needs as team members and leaders.

Each client sends us representative documents beforehand, and we use sample sentences and paragraphs to illustrate effective writing techniques in the uniquely tailored course materials.

Participants come away with enhanced ability to analyze and communicate the daily and long-term business needs of their organizations.

Program Objectives

Participants learn to master the following skills:

  • Developing a writing plan in five steps
  • Writing clear, complete, correct sentences
  • Using strategic aspects of language correctly and persuasively
  • Presenting information with headings and lists
  • Writing effective email

Sample Agenda

This one- or two-day course includes the following topics:

  • Considering your audience, document purpose, key message, and document organization
  • Avoiding pitfalls that make sentences incorrect or unclear
  • Using lists and headings to help readers navigate through a text and grasp ideas
  • Identifying an email’s purpose, drafting its subject line, and organizing its information


Write It Well’s expertise in business communication was evident in the classroom during the day of instruction and then again months later as students continued applying their knowledge. The benefit from our investment in Write it Well’s training – more engaging content and fewer revisions – freed up senior leaders‘ time to focus on strategic business topics.

Mark Lorenz

HR Director, Republic Services

We are a funding agency, and our team members have varying levels of communication skills. However, given the nature of our work, it is important that our communication be clear, precise and effective across the board. Write It Well tailored and delivered a course which has made a big difference in our work.

Shahana Chaudhury

Senior Communications Officer at Shakti Foundation