Professional Writing Skills: A Write It Well Guide

Write clear, concise letters, memos, email, and other business documents that persuade and inform your readers.

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This workbook covers techniques to write any kind of business document to present your readers with information or persuade them to take action. 

You’ll learn a five-step process to plan your message, review techniques to keep your writing clear and concise, and apply what you learn to the email you write for work. 

This workbook shows you how to save writing time and get results with each document that you send out for your job.

The book also shows you how to use your written communication skills as an extension of these and other core professional abilities: 

  • Leadership skills
  • Teamwork
  • Quantitative and qualitative analysis
  • Problem solving
  • Project management

Here’s what the reviewers are saying:

Most of our employees — engineers, developers, product managers, marketing staff — were never taught how to write professionally; they were just thrown into it. This book offers people what they need to get their point across clearly and present a professional image of themselves and our corporation in everything they write. 

Jocelyn King, Director, Worldwide Marketing Operations, National Semiconductor Corporation


It’s really important to write clearly, concisely, and professionally if you want to be competitive in today’s business environment. I consider this book to be one of my essential sales tools.

—Amanda Noguera, Regional Sales Director, AVOKE Caller Experience Analytics, BBN Technologies


For the past 15 years, we have counted on Write It Well’s Professional Writing Skills program to improve the writing skills of our employees.  Good business writing skills are critical for effective communications, as well as for career enhancement.

—Aileen Evans, Organizational Effectiveness Manager, Port of Oakland


I wish I could get each and every one of our reporters to read Professional Writing Skills. Even as trained writers, they could benefit from its useful, easy-to-remember tips. The book’s for anyone, really. It answers many of our everyday writing questions in simple language, without getting bogged down by daunting grammar and style rules. And it offers clear plans of action for those who might get overwhelmed by the writing process.

—Michelle Meyers, Associate Editor, CNET News


E-mail has exposed our deficiencies, and now writing skills are my top training priority. We can improve efficiency, productivity, and our professional image by improving the writing skills of our employees. It’s a big win.

Bill Nichols

Director, Sales & Marketing Services for Covidien Imaging Solutions & Pharmaceutical Products

What I most like about Professional Writing Skills is its emphasis on simple, straightforward writing. Natasha Terk delivers lessons that are practical and easy to master. Anyone wishing to improve their written communication will benefit immensely from reading this book.

Elizabeth Rynecki