Effective Email Coaching

Working with a coach can help you save time and get results with the email you send to your colleagues, customers, and clients. A seasoned writing expert will share an array of techniques to help you streamline your email writing, focus your messages, and project a professional image.

You’ll master these and other techniques in your coaching sessions:

  • Plan your emails around your business needs
  • Structure your emails to be easy to follow
  • Use concise language to show respect for everyone’s time
  • Use clear language that's easy to grasp
  • Use lists and other tools to make your points impossible to miss

Here's a video with coach Marya Danihel describing Write It Well's coaching process.


The people I work with know how to grab my attention. They get to the point right away and present information in a way that makes sense to me. This book explains how to craft clear, well-organized email that gets results. It sets the standard for how to communicate clearly and efficiently in a busy global workplace.

Buck McGugan

Vice President, Corporate Sales, FedEx Corporate Services

We live in an era where hundreds of millions of professionals have put down the pen and now rely on email as a primary form of communication. This book should be required reading for new entrants to the workplace — or for anyone who’s making the transition from texting and email between friends to more formal electronic communications.

David Krane

Director of Corporate Communications, Google, Inc.

Before Write It Well training and coaching, people here were too casual and sent out documents with errors. As an organization, our professional image was impacted by writing limitations. They sent out confusing e-mails, buried the main point at the bottom of long memos, and didn't take the time to proofread documents well. Now they pay attention.

Ryan Chao

Executive Director, Satellite Housing

I've reviewed other training courses on writing skills, and as a trainer, I highly recommend Write It Well’s materials. I like knowing that the content is fresh. The workbooks are very easy to follow and feature lots of helpful tips.

Patricia Bauer

Instructor, North Carolina Office of State Human Resources

I was able to apply 100 percent of what I learned toward improving my communication style and effectiveness. The focused attention was a differentiator for me. It helped me develop a successful business plan and deployment strategy for my program.

Don Taylor

Headquarters Presales, Hewlett Packard Technology Solutions Group