Professional Writing Skills: Train-the-Trainer Kit

Our kit gives you everything you need to lead a training on business writing. You'll teach participants how to plan professional documents; keep writing clear and concise; and write effective, job-related email.

price: $650.00


This kit for trainers gives you everything you need to lead a training for business writers. They’ll learn ways to write any kind of business document to present readers with information or persuade them to take action. You’ll also show them ways to save time and get results with each piece of writing they send out. 

The training includes a five-step process to plan a message, reviews techniques to keep your writing clear and concise, and applies these techniques to work email. Engaging polls, quizzes, and case studies keep the instructional design directly relevant to the writing you do for work.

Click here for an excerpt from the Train-the-Trainer Guide.

And here's a 2.5-minute video on what you can expect with your kit:


As a trainer, who develops curriculum, I loved the Write It Well Program. The materials were very well organized and the trainers guide was fool proof! It was very easy to teach. Buying this program saved us weeks of development and there was no tweaking necessary. I would recommend the program to any company that wants to improve the writing skills of their people.

Alison Bowersock