Effective Email Webinar

We usually deliver this webinar on effective email writing in three 60- or 90-minute modules. The webinar accommodates up to 25 people.

Here’s a sample agenda:

  • A three-step process to determine your audience, main point, and most important message
  • Techniques that elicit a quick response
  • Tips to craft effective subject lines


The people I work with know how to grab my attention. They get to the point right away and present information in a way that makes sense to me. This book explains how to craft clear, well-organized email that gets results. It sets the standard for how to communicate clearly and efficiently in a busy global workplace.

Buck McGugan

Vice President, Corporate Sales, FedEx Corporate Services

We live in an era where hundreds of millions of professionals have put down the pen and now rely on email as a primary form of communication. This book should be required reading for new entrants to the workplace — or for anyone who’s making the transition from texting and email between friends to more formal electronic communications.

David Krane

Director of Corporate Communications, Google, Inc.

I've reviewed other training courses on writing skills, and as a trainer, I highly recommend Write It Well’s materials. I like knowing that the content is fresh. The workbooks are very easy to follow and feature lots of helpful tips.

Patricia Bauer

Instructor, North Carolina Office of State Human Resources

We recently hired Write It Well to deliver email training to targeted employees across our Asia Pacific offices. Natasha and her team did a great job working with our learning department to craft the content appropriately for our different groups. We were very pleased with the modular, virtual course delivery. Our teams participated in the training from every location, and it was easy for them to fit the learning into their daily routines.

Kelly Moore

Learning Manager, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

We’re more effective now because it takes us less time to communicate, and the quality of our presentations is better. More effective communications has made our organization more effective.

Craig Pampeyan

Director of Business Operations, Hewlett-Packard Technology Solutions Group

This book is exactly what every email should be (and so few are): clear, sensible, and to the point. Compare the advice here to the emails you receive daily and you’ll agree that the book is filled with uncommon good sense. You’ll find yourself trying to figure out how to secretly get copies to your colleagues!

Jim Knutsen

President, Boatz Knutsen Communications