About us

The company

Write It Well began as Advanced Communication Designs in 1979. Diane Lutovich and Janis Fisher Chan founded the firm, which continues to be a certified woman-owned business. The founders’ guiding vision was to help people in the workplace communicate clearly and work together effectively. This vision is still firmly in place. As of 2016, the firm has strengthened the communication skills of hundreds of thousands of busy professionals.  

Write It Well has a comprehensive library of training content. We can deliver it off the shelf or customize it for a wide range of solutions for an organization of any size. Our trainers deliver our proprietary content and our clients’ content across entire regions — cutting costs and enhancing learning outcomes. We can also apply our full spectrum of writing and editing services to technical and marketing projects of any scope — e.g., slide decks and workbooks that follow your company’s branding, voice, and visual style.

Three operating principles

  1. The quality of Write It Well’s products and services will not be compromised.

    It might be easier to create something once and put it on the shelf forever; instead, we constantly update our offerings. Our content stays fresh, relevant, and ready to deploy across a variety of print and electronic platforms.

  2. Write It Well offers a full range of services focused exclusively on communication skills.

    We are the leading global, full-service training firm for writing skills. We have analyzed thousands of different forms, procedures, processes, memos, reports, and other documents with highly specific functions.

  3. The trainer can customize content — and often should.

    We have an efficient process to adapt our materials to your specific business need. We can add logos, job-relevant examples, assignments and case studies, and company-specific guidelines.

Our three-step approach to customize a workshop

The people

Natasha Terk

Managing Director

Natasha is a recognized expert on business communication in the workplace and is the author of seven books in The Write It Well Series on Business Communication. She leads the firm’s business operations and strategy in the US and Asia.

Her job-relevant communication tools, training customization, efficiency, and customer service have grown Write It Well by 300 percent.

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Business and Operations Management

Kirsten Hosemann

Business and Operations Manager

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Kirsten helps the Write It Well team meet the varied needs of our corporate, government, and nonprofit clients around the world. She keeps our busy onsite and online calendar, manages training logistics, fills and ships bulk book orders and train the trainer materials, and responds to media inquiries.

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Writing and Consulting Services

Denise Morris Kipnis

Director of Transformational Change

Denise develops and implements change management and change communication strategies for Write It Well clients. She has led numerous change projects in the US and Asia including strategic planning and organization design, program development, competency model development, culture and climate assessment and change, assessing and developing organization change capabilities, and implementing strategy initiatives.

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Aditi Mehra

Director of Consulting Services

Aditi manages business development and consulting and training projects for Write It Well in Asia – including Singapore, China, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, and Dubai. The collaborative culture that Aditi fosters allows the firm to take advantage of the unique competencies that everyone on our team brings, delivering best-in-class service to clients around the world.

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Christopher Disman

Editorial Director

Christopher is the instructional designer for all our customized trainings. He creates style guides and custom workbooks for clients, coaches their employees on advanced writing skills, edits reports and proposals, and designs training materials to ensure a clear ROI. He edits The Write It Well Series on Business Communication and has written workbooks on facilitation, presentation, marketing, writing, and meeting skills.

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Program Development and Delivery

Hope Timberlake

Trainer, US

Hope delivers high-energy, engaging onsite training for Write It Well clients including Hewlett Packard, Nestle University, and Booz Allen Hamilton. Her courses help participants deliver effective presentations and write clearly, concisely, and persuasively.

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Roshini Ganesan

Trainer, Singapore

Roshini has a decade of experience facilitating diverse groups of participants and has worked in ten countries including the United States, Singapore, Japan, Australia, India, and Hong Kong. She delivers training in English and explains concepts in Malay (Bahasa Malaysia) and Bahasa Indonesia. She leads lively, exciting, effective workshops for Write It Well clients including Tanker Pacific, and Averis.

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Marya Danihel

Online and Onsite Trainer, Writing Skills Coach

Marya is an expert coach, onsite trainer, and online faciltator. She has helped thousands of people at Fortune 500 companies craft compelling presentations, proposals, and other crucial business documents. She delivers training and coaching to Write It Well clients including Michelin Tire Company, Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream, Lawrence Berkeley Labs, and Hewlett Packard.

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Josephine Bellaccomo

Trainer, US

Jo brings more than 16 years’ of training and coaching experience in business communication, presentation, leadership, and management skills to her work at Write It Well. She is deeply invested in giving each participant in every Write It Well course the strategies he or she needs to communicate successfully. Jo works with Write It Well clients including Nestle USA, the City of Palo Alto, and the County of Alameda.

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Uma Arora

Trainer, India

Uma is a facilitator and a coach and has worked with individuals and companies in the areas of change, adaptability, personal growth, and leadership. She has a very infectious personal energy: she finds excitement in finding daily opportunities to grow professionally and contribute meaningfully to other people's success.

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Keiko Shinohara

Trainer, Hong Kong

Keiko has 13 years’ experience in management consulting, government, hospitality, and higher education. Her sessions are multicultural and multilingual; she delivers training in English, Japanese, Mandarin, and Cantonese.

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Jo McAlpine

Trainer, Australia

Jo is a facilitator, coach, program designer and mentor; she has more than 13 years' experience working in the financial services sector, infrastructure, consumer electronics, education and training, medicine and the law, insurance, publishing and government agencies. Jo also teaches at the Australian College of Applied Psychology specializing in Positive Psychology and Coaching.

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Christine Koong

Trainer, Malaysia

An accountant by training, Christine brings structred learning processes as well as creativity to the sessions she leads for Write It Well. She has delivered writing and communication skills training in Singapore, Malaysia, and Brunei for a wide range of clients in industries including banking, information technology, hospitality, education, and government services.

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